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Tribal Leaders' Public Health Symposium

About the TLPHS

The CNAH Tribal Leaders' Public Health Symposium (TLPHS) is a gathering of diverse current and future American Indian leaders to build public health knowledge and skills to succeed in their leadership roles. The Symposium assists leaders in preparing for higher levels of responsibility in health advocacy and policy development with an emphasis on self-determination and Tribal sovereignty.

For more information, contact CNAH at (505) 272-4100 or email Norman Cooeyate



The 2017 CNAH Tribal Leaders' Public Health Symposium was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Albuquerque, NM on Monday and Tuesday, June 26 and 27, 2017. The theme of the inaugural Symposium, "From Kernel to Corn Pollen", encourages natural leaders from across the lifespan (youth to elders) to take a greater role in sustaining healthy Native communities both on and off-Reservation.

Who Should Participate?

The Symposium is open to representatives of Tribes, Pueblos, Nations, and off-reservation health organizations.

Participants must register as teams of 2-3 individuals and each team must include at least one recently elected or appointed Leader such as a Councilmember, Chapter Official, Board Member for an urban American Indian entity, etc.

Additional team members may include any combination of:

  • Administrative Leaders from tribal or urban/off-Reservation American Indian health organizations such as Tribal Administrators and Health Program Directors
  • Advocates for American Indian health including previous Tribal and community leaders
  • Leaders "from kernel to corn pollen" such as Youth and Elders interested in Tribal health and governance

Agenda Topics

The TLPHS will feature general sessions, panel presentations, small group discussions, hands-on practice, and networking opportunities around American Indian public health topics.

CNAH collaborated with a group of current and former leaders to identify potential topics for the inaugural Symposium including:

  • Understanding Government for Health
  • Creating a Vision for Community Health and Wellness
  • Using Data and Research to Become Better Advocates
  • Transferring Knowledge: "Leader to Leader"
  • Mentoring Future Tribal and Organizational Leaders
  • Effective Communication: The Key to Successful Knowledge Transfer
  • Building a Tribal Health Workforce

Travel Scholarships

A limited number of travel scholarships are available to individuals traveling at least 50 miles to attend the Symposium.

Travel scholarships are awarded first-come/first-served and are available for:

  • One or two nights lodging at the Embassy Suites Hotel -- incidentals are on your own
  • Reimbursement for travel to/from Albuquerque in a personal vehicle -- reimbursed after the Symposium
  • Airfare to/from Albuquerque