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Norman Cooeyate


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Physical Address

1001 Medical Arts Ave NE
Second Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87102
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MSC07 4246
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Cultural Engagement Liaison


Cultural Liaison

Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine


Bachelor of Arts in Native American Studies, University of New Mexico


Born and raised on the Zuni Indian Reservation, Norman J. Cooeyate has made a full circle in returning to his native community to utilize his experiences, trainings and education to contribute to the health and welfare of his beloved community. Mr. Cooeyate received his Bachelor of Arts in Native American Studies from the University of New Mexico. Prior to receiving his undergraduate degree, Mr. Cooeyate managed the Diabetes Prevention Program in his community for 13 years before deciding to turn his interests to politics. As a Governor for his Pueblo from 2007 – 2011, his primary focus was on improving basic living conditions, addressing his community’s health & wellness, environmental, sacred sites, and promoting new ideas of economic development & workforce development. Mr. Cooeyate was awarded the National Indian Health Board 2010 Tribal Leadership Impact Award, for his advocacy for American Indian/Alaska Native populations. Mr. Cooeyate currently works at the UNM Health Sciences Center, Center for Native American Health as the Supervisor for Cultural Engagement, as well as the Community Cultural Liaison for the Child Ready Program, under the UNM Pediatric Emergency Division. Mr. Cooeyate still maintains strong ties with the 45 Nations in the Southwest and is still a strong advocate for AI/AN issues and concerns. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree at UNM in the School of Architecture's Community Regional Planning program.