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Marcello Maviglia


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Fax: (505) 272-6019

Physical Address

1001 Medical Arts Ave NE
Second Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87102
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MSC07 4246
1 University of New Mexico
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Scientific Advisor


Volunteer Faculty

Family & Community Medicine


Master of Public Health - University of New Mexico

Doctor of Medicine - University of Rome

Bachelor of Science - Lyceum of Classical Studies


Dr. Maviglia is a Board certified psychiatrist and addictionologist, who is also certified in Addiction medicine (ASAM), Forensic Medicine (ACFE), and Quality Assurance /Managed Care (A B Q A UR P). He has worked extensively in the field of substance abuse, and has been involved in research activities regarding public behavioral   health issues. Currently, his main areas of interest are: Clinical addiction psychiatry, an international project on social capital in an Italian community, research on Historical Trauma, integration of effective culturally based approaches and social determinants of health in the teaching and practice of general   psychiatry and addiction medicine, coordination and integration of care between mental and physical health. He has an appointment as an adjunct faculty member with the UNM Department Of Family and Community Medicine.