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Alan Sixtus Dominguez


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Physical Address

1001 Medical Arts Ave NE
Second Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87102
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MSC07 4246
1 University of New Mexico
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Graduate Research Assistant


Graduate Student

Community and Regional Planning


Bachelor of Arts in Native American Studies, University of New Mexico


A. Sixtus Dominguez (Raramuri & Apache) is a University of New Mexico graduate student in Community and Regional Planning, with a concentration in Indigenous Planning. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Mexico in 2012. Inspired by the tribes, family and his son he attained his undergraduate degree in Native American Studies with a minor in Studio Art. He remains dedicated to continuing work- of, by, and for, Indigenous peoples in protecting land, culture and community. As a graduate student, he seeks to build his capacity in measurable outcomes in personal, professional, and tribal interests towards exemplary Indigenous community development. He aims to contribute his training and expertise to advance a seven-generation Indigenous planning design within the health discipline. As a life-long learner he is a son, father, farmer, husband, earth-home builder and artist, projecting Indigenous sustainability as a priority. Sixtus is currently a Graduate Project Assistant at the Center for Native American Health. In his free time Alan enjoys fishing, riding horses and long walks along the river.